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tunnel eMagazine Subscription

Secure your favourable eMagazine subscription for tunnel.

Thanks to the digital form you can use tunnel in its entirety with the printed version’s familiar layout on display at any time. Read the international specialist magazine on subterranean construction for one year and benefit from reading a wide range of subjects all about current developments within the construction industry.
frequency of publication
8 Ausgaben/Jahr - 8 issues/year
99.00 €
including VAT

tunnel eMagazine Subscription

tunnel is a technical and practical specialist magazine. Learn about building construction, research, technical equipment, renovating buildings and much more. tunnel is always up to date and is on the ball when it comes to current developments within the construction industry – meaning you don't miss anything!

You receive the tunnel eMagazine at the date of publication as a PDF file.

During the subscription period, it is free for you to participate in all of Bauverlag's specialist forums which are normally priced at € 150 each

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